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Seminar videos are now live!

24 Oct 2012

The vast majority of this year's keynotes and presentations are now available as video content. So if there's anything you missed at this year's event - and given its scale, that would hardly be surprising - please see below to catch up on those sessions you weren't able to attend or to refresh your memory of those you did.

videos live

Join the debate as leading experts explore the issues surrounding innovation in enterprise technology. BYOD, Big Data, the consumerisation and democratisation of IT – these are some of the hot topics that will enliven your visit to IP EXPO and inspire you to innovate within your own organisation after the event is over.

Learn how architectures can help people connect, communicate and collaborate

Big Data is more than just data volume; it is an opportunity to enable business agility, growth and innovation.  The Big Data theatre will arm IT teams with the knowledge to prepare their organisations and computing environment for Big Data.

Find out how to improve your company's approach at the Cloud Services and Applications track.

The Cloud Infrastructure track provides in-depth coverage of every aspect of this game-changing technology.

Make smarter use of IP-based communications to reduce costs and allow workers to stay connected at all times using multiple devices. Business communications are evolving fast so stay ahead of latest innovations at this track.

The new issues facing data centre managers, from FCoE to Fabric Computing, server consolidation to virtualization.  Optimise your company's data managament and storage services to cope with the increasing demands placed on them.

The desktop estate is going through a huge period of transformation. Business mobility, application accessibility, virtualisation, cloud computing and information security driving change. Consequently, the traditional concept of the desktop is quickly transforming. Attend the Desktop Lab to understand how to manage progressively elaborate and hybrid desktop estates and meet the needs of your business.

Connecting multiple devices to a single business network requires a well thought-out strategy that addresses the requirements of a wide range of end users. Attend the Desktop Virtualization track to learn about the challenges and solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Visit the Flash Technology Lab to learn about developing new capabilities in enterprise storage, enabling greater application performance, boosting performance in virtual servers and virtual desktop infrastructures, increasing search application performance and to be an enabler of enterprise cloud storage offerings.

Join Google experts to discover how Google Apps, based on pure and proven Cloud technologies, help teams in organisations of all sizes increase their productivity cost-effectively, through real-time collaboration on any device, anywhere.

Successful businesses depend on smooth-running networks that continue to perform at full speed even when demand is at its peak. The Network Optimisation track offers practical advice and reports on industry developments allowing enterprises to maximise productivity and profitability.

Join Oracle for a series of interactive, deep dive, technical demos of their latest hardware and software solutions. Showcasing their virtual desktop, cloud, security, Big Data, SPARC systems, and much more - put Oracle’s team to the test and in these technical demos and debates.

Network security and protection of business-critical data is more important than ever before as take-up of Cloud computing and virtualization increases. Learn about the issues facing organisations and how to address them at the Security and Governance track.

Reduced costs and simplified infrastructure make Server Virtualization an attractive proposition for all kinds of enterprises. Come to Server Virtualization seminars to learn about the latest innovations and get the best out of new technology for your business.

Get to grips with every aspect of virtualization and the benefits it could bring to your business. Share knowledge with other IT professionals and get practical advice on how to improve performance.

Speed, reliability and ease of access are critical factors for business wireless networks. Choose the right solution and take advantage of improved productivity. Seminars in the Wireless and Campus Networks enable businesses of every size to take their wireless networks to the next level.

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